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Singing Birds Voice Studio in Rotterdam

 Our studio is for singers and public speakers adults and kids groups and solos.

We provide online and offline training for your voice. Build up it and lead to healthy usage, help to recover it after bad education or mechanical damages.

 We help you to write your a very first song or learn how to sing and record covers.

 Currently you can book the lesson with our voice coach - Kateryna Sikoza.

Our lessons, fun, active and productive, designed with personal touch specially for your needs and goals.

 In our roster except of private voice lessons we have:

- Rotterdam Expat Pop Choir,

- Pop Choir for kids and

- Early music development for kids 0-4y.o.

- Ukrainian  Pop Choir

- Voice coaching for groups and choirs. (on demand).

Is your situation like one of these?

Once upon a time, in a world filled with music and dreams, a company emerged to revolutionize the way we sing. Introducing Singing Birds, a haven for both aspiring and professional singers alike.

Imagine this: you find yourself at a karaoke night, feeling the adrenaline rush through your veins as you prepare to take the stage. With a couple of glasses of liquid courage in you, you belt out your favorite tunes with all your heart. Little did you know, the next day you wake up to find your epic performance immortalized on Instagram. Panic sets in. How do you delete it? How do you erase the evidence of your not-so-flawless rendition?

Or perhaps you're a professional singer, having had your fair share of amazing performances. But then, disaster strikes. Your voice starts to crack, sounding strange and unpredictable. You find yourself constantly coughing when you try to belt out those high notes. The smooth transition between registers becomes a distant memory. Or maybe, just maybe, you're itching to explore a different musical style, to step outside your comfort zone and test the waters of something new.

And let's not forget those of us who love to sing in the shower or in the privacy of our cars. We derive so much joy from the act of singing itself, but the thought of performing in front of an audience? It's enough to send shivers down our spines. The fear of judgment and rejection looms large, holding us back from sharing our passion with the world.

But fear not, for Singing Birds is here to help. We are a company dedicated to empowering singers of all levels, guiding them on their journey to vocal mastery and self-expression. Our team of experts, comprising seasoned vocal coaches, songwriters, and musicians, are committed to providing you with the tools and support you need to unleash your true potential.

Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your singing career to new heights, Singing Birds offers a range of resources tailored to your needs. From personalized vocal training sessions to performance preparation and stage presence workshops, we have you covered. Our state-of-the-art recording studio is at your disposal, allowing you to capture your voice at its finest and create professional-grade recordings.

At Singing Birds, we believe that every voice deserves to be heard. We strive to create a nurturing and inclusive community where singers can share their passion, learn from each other, and grow together. We host regular showcases and open mic nights, providing a platform for you to showcase your talent and gain valuable experience in front of a supportive audience.

So, whether you're yearning to delete that embarrassing karaoke video, overcome vocal challenges, or fearlessly pursue your singing dreams, Singing Birds is the nest for you. Join us on this musical adventure, and together, let's soar to new heights of vocal excellence.

Book your lesson

Book an appointment with Kateryna Vinitskyi using Setmore

Studio location

Marinus van der Stoepstraat 24.

3061PE, Rotterdam.

The nearest metro station is Gerdesiaweg.

Parking is available at the street and nearby. During the daytime it's 2,5 per hour after 19:00 and at the weekend it's for free.

Meet the coach!

Kateryna Sikoza is a versatile vocal coach specializing in a range of areas including rebuilding damaged voices, building voices from scratch, pop singing, and working with pop choirs, including those for kids. She also offers training for public speaking and music for babies. With a wide range of experience working with amateur and professional singers, DJs, and choirs, Kateryna incorporates various vocal techniques such as speech level by Seth Riggs, Complete Vocal Techniques, and Estill voice method. She tailors her approach to each student based on their background, level, and individual needs, providing customised lessons that are unique to each individual.

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a year ago

Hi, I’m Mila and we looking vocal studio for my son Mark (7 y.o.), we always singing :) and wants do it more professional.
Can we have a trial lessons?

2 years ago

Love and blessings, Kate is a very good teacher :)! If u want to sing i recommend visiting her studio.

2 years ago

My name is Luiz, I'm a music enthusiast and I am writing my own songs.
I am a researchers at the University in Delft, and on my spare time I like to create music.
I record all instruments at home, but singing is definitely my weak point.
I would like to sing with more power and confidence, to be able to give the impact I want in the songs I have finished.
Could I schedule a trial lesson?

Thank you in advance!

3 years ago

Hi, I am interested in beginners singing classes. Let me know if I can have a trial lesson in the studio. Cheers, Malvina

5 years ago

Nice studio! Kate is a great vocal teacher, very professional with lots of experience in different vocal techniques. Recommended!

Andre Dreese
5 years ago

I have been a member of the Rotterdam Expat Pop Choir since the beginning. A wonderful way to learn how to sing and improve my singing skills. Our coach Kate gives every member individual advice, but every member can use it. Besides the singing, being a member of REXPC is also a nice way to meet other people with various nationalities. And all of this in an informal but very serious way. I really enjoy it!