Kids pop choir - Latest video work

For the season 2022-2023 we invite parents with children from 5 till 13 years old to join our kids show group.

During a year we will learn how to sing, breathe and perform at the stage. We’ll be practicing and polishing our skills in the studio and on a real stage.

In our repertoire are 4 songs that we sing for an entire year, along with dance routine and acting.

Your kids will have fun together and develop their talents!

Practical information:

  • Lessons are 40 EUR per month. 15 acceptance costs.
  • Lessons are every Saturday at 13:00 (45min). except of public and school holidays.
  • Location: Marinus van der Stoepstraat 24, 3061PE, Rotterdam
  • Concerts: in December 2021 (if it will be possible due to situation with pandemy) and May 2022.
  • Language: Dutch and English.

Send us your message and come to the free trial lesson.


phone: 0683829513

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