Private lessons


Singing birds provides private lessons such vocal, guitar, violin, DJing and songwriting. You can book your lessons via our website and have them in our location by Marinus Van Der Stoepstraat 24-26, 3061PE, Rotterdam, At the moment we do not do lessons online only in case of force majors such lockdowns. But any individual lesson can be done online by the student request in case if student feels well, but cannot go outside due to testing period.

Each lesson lasts for 45 minutes including active training time which is around 30 min, meet & greet time and evaluation time around 15 min. 



Group lessons


Singing birds has on board group lessons such “Baby music” for babies from 0 till 3 y.o. Kids pop choir, pop choir for adults. These lessons last 45 min except of pop choir for adults which is 90 min. All lesson are located at the same location as individuals and we do not do them online even during force majors. Group lessons are available only as monthly subscription or strip card for 10 lessons.




Group lesson are possible to attend and try free of charge one time and in the certain period. In 2022 it’s September and October. For all individuals it’s possible to enrol any time during a year.

We do not charge any enrolment fee, you pay only for each booked lesson or subscription.




Try out for individuals costs 15 EUR

Then all of them cost 45 EUR per lesson (45 min) inclusive BTW costs 

 Groups: Kids pop choir and pop choir for adults are 45 EUR per month. Tries out free of charge.

 Baby Music - 36 EUR per month



Lessons planning and realisation


Group lessons plan contains 42 regular lessons per year planned according to the schools and public holidays agenda in Rotterdam. For Rotterdam Expat Pop Choir and kids pop choir we will have more "sessions" which are included into the general monthly pricing, these are sessions thats concerts and different extra workshops or time for video/audio recording days.

 Private lessons you can plan unlimited numbers depends on your goal, schedule and finances possibility.



Booking lessons


Lesson’s booking is possible to manage via our website, and by phone: 0683829513 also via mail: We also accept requests via Facebook messenger and instagram.

 Our booking works with all types of payments such debit, PayPal, any credit card and cashing. However we prefer that you can pay online. After lesson booking you will get the confirmation to your mail and phone and one reminder a day before the lesson.




It is possible to cancel any lesson the latest 2 days before the appointment. Except of force majors. Such got stuck at the road due to someones accident or anything like that. We understand it and would gladly reschedule your appointment without money loss or extra charge.




Re-planning lessons


It is possible to change planned lesson, reschedule it the latest 2 hours before the appointment without any extra costs or fines.

Teacher also, can change and ask for rescheduling the latest 2 hours prior.


Missed lesson, forgotten lesson.


In case if student forgot about lesson, missed it without any serious reasons, this lessons counts as done and fully charged from student. 


Group lessons subscription


To subscribe to our group lessons students have to fill in our intake form with all data which is safely stored in our database and will be deleted immediately after subscription has been stopped. Subscription for our groups lasts for 1 year, hoverer it is possible to stop it or pause any time with 1 month notice. Means if you wanna stop it on 1st April, you have to send us the letter with stop request at least on 1st March.

Students missed lessons during a month are non refundable. Subscription fee is fixed and you cannot ask to refund separate missed lessons.



Important extras.


Vocal teacher - Kateryna Vinytskyi - Sikoza teaches with her kids in studio. It means that during the lesson you might be interrupted by kids. Usually everything works well, but sometimes accidents might happen. Thats why she does:

  1. In case if the lesson was totally spoiled.

You can request a full refund of your lesson or reschedule it without any extra costs to another day.

2. In case if kids took some extra attention such for 5-10min, your lesson will be finished a bit later, thats why we do strictly 45 min then you have 15 min time for the full hour which is possible to use.

3. Students who can’t work with such conditions but tried our lessons and payed for the subscription or pack of lessons and would like to quit can ask for a full and immediate refund.

4. In case if student has their own kids and there is no way to leave them at home, can bring them to the lesson too, we have a great kids corner where children can play together or apart, watch cartoons or draw.


Other teachers from our school work without kids, thats why rules mentioned in Important extras are applicable only to one particular teacher.