Kateryna Vinitsky - voice coach, singer, songwriter, producer.
Owner of Singing Birds Vocal Studio in Rotterdam

Main direction: healthy voice building for singers and public speakers, taking off all mental and muscle blocks for better voice and stage performance.

Techniques: belcanto, Complete voice technique, speech level, yoga breathing for stronger voice.

Vocal: pop, musical, electronic dance vocals, backing vocals and its harmonization, public speeches.

As a teacher who came from Ukraine and have already learnt the Dutch way of lessons, I combine in my voice lessons a strong goal motivation, clear and understandable explanation and "gezellige" time.

My main specialization, voices after mechanical, or mental damaging processes.

If you:

  • Hear all the time “you can’t sing;
  • Lost your voice, because of screaming;
  • Lost your voice because of non professional voice education;
  • Lost your voice due to illness;
  • Lost your voice or can't make it better due to mental blocks;
  • Afraid to be at the stage and perform (or speak on public);
  • You are from 6 to 106 years old.

Then I might help you using my own methods.

I use different explanation for different people and situations and work with the problem until it solved together with deep muscle relaxation and mental freedom.

With kids, we learn voice through games.

We would make a plan for your vocal lessons based on your wishes, and goals.

Maybe you would like to make a specific cover song or your own, but do not know where to begin, or you would like to find your voice from the beginning or recover it? Then we will find together your true goal and work on it.

But it does not mean, that your lessons will be boring like one routine. We will have lots of fun, so come with comfortable clothes and shoes to get your own voice freedom.

Book your first trial lesson, let you vocal adventure begin.

A couple facts about teacher:

  1. In 2012 Kate’s single “Stereo Radio” supported by David Guetta.
  2. In 2015 With her single “Whisper My Name” she supported a movement of Down Syndrome acceptance.
  3. Kate studied Ukrainian folk and opera vocal techniques together with choir conducting which lead her into Choir groups coaching and leading in Rotterdam form 2018
  4. In 2015 Kate studied the sound engineering in SAE Rotterdam which helps now to learn and understand better voice recording and stage mics usage for her students.
  5. From 2001 till present day Kate performs with different musicians and produce her own songs in electro pop style.
  6. Also she plays as DJ combining mixes with live vocals.
  7. Currently busy as well as singer and producer to her own project - Ptakha which is promoting Ukrainian folk music in a new modern elektropop sound.


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