Attention everyone,

Singing Birds is currently seeking your valuable support. We have identified three potential buildings that we could potentially rent, and we are currently in the process of negotiating with the owners. However, we are facing two main challenges: the issue of "music" itself, as not all building owners are open to having it, and the matter of financing. Singing Birds is a social establishment that operates on a tight budget. We invest heavily in courses, costumes, videos, audios, and everything related to our lessons.

That is why we have initiated this crowdfunding campaign with the goal of raising 8,000 euros within a month. This money will be used as the initial investment in our new building. As part of this campaign, we have created several enticing perks for our supporters. Here are some examples:

By supporting us, you will be helping us bring our vision to life. I envision our future studio as not just a music school but also a place where we can embark on numerous exciting music projects. It will be a social hub where everyone can find something to do, learn, and be inspired.

Your support is crucial in making this dream a reality. Together, let's create magic at Singing Birds.

Sincerely, Kateryna - your vocal teacher and Singing Birds Founder.