A new song is out!

The Rotterdam Expat Pop Choir is the place for singing for everyone who ended up in Rotterdam.

Why Expat? Well, the choir coach is an expat as well, and she knows how it feels when you find yourself in a new environment with new people, language and mentality. It can be quite important to have some safe place where you can do your favourite hobby – singing. 

It does not mean that we do not take any Dutch citizens:-)))

You just have to realise that we do speak English and otherwise will have lots of fun singing in very international company. 

We sing covers from ABBA till Beyoncé. 

Every session is 1,5 hours of vocal training, learning and practicing songs and vocal techniques, dancing and enjoying ourselves.

The sessions are every Monday from 20:00 till 21:30 p.m. 

First trial session is for free.

Membership is 45 EUR per month. 15 EUR. one time acceptance costs

Please send us your request to: info@singingbirds.nl