Ukrainian Popchoir 

Ukrainian pop choir has began it's work in September 2022. 

This project we tried to put on life earlier but only now it became possible.

Half of the members are Ukrainian ladies who lives in The Netherlands for a long time and the other half is temporary displaced.

 We have professional singers in this choir and amateurs who or use to sing or had some music related education. Also, in Ukraine the level of amateur music is still very high thats why it was pretty much easy to get a great level of performance from the moment ladies came for the really first performance. Just great music selection and final common vocal and stylistic fine-tuning and our choir already stays at the stage around The Netherlands and performs for sold out theaters.

 We accept singers now until end of the February then until September we will have a time for rehearsals, production and performances. If you would like to learn a bit of Ukrainian, pop music of Ukraine and experience the energy then it's a right place for you. We take Ukrainians and non Ukrainians who would like to taste such exotic culture.

 You can contact us to apply for the trial rehearsal or book us for performance:

Phone: +31683829513





Free for temporary displaced people from Ukraine till March 2024.

For Ukrainians and non Ukrainians who live in The Netherlands - 10 eur for the rehearsal

Rehearsals are every Wednesday from 20:00 till 21:30


Ukrainian pop choir is not commercial project and so far not supported by any governmental programs or subsidies, thats why if you would like to help us we would be grateful for your donation.

Mainly we are collecting funds to finance our rehearsal space, costumes, teacher's fees and production.

Please make your donation via the link:

With love yours Ukrainian pop choir