Book room to practice

You can book one of our rooms for your personal practice.

 In big studio you can practice with the small groups up to 12 people, there is an electronic full weight keys piano available.

100wt sound installation, and wired 2 mics.

Chairs (20 pieces). Kitchen with unlimited coffee/ tea access 

Big room costs 12,5 per hour exclusive BTW

 In a small room there is a small monitors installation and vocal boot for the recording. You can use our AKG recording mic and Complete 6 sound card, or bring and plug in your own.

 We have also DJ controller Traktor mk3 so, if you are DJ you can rehearse your sets there.

 Small room is suitable for the solo vocal demo recordings, DJ sets rehearsals, private vocal lessons if you do not need a piano.

 Also there are an access to the kitchen.

 Small room costs 7,5 per hour exclusive BTW


Big Studio booking schedule

Small studio booking