Please book your lessons following the personal teachers pages as we all have different booking systems.

It's not difficult. At the pages you would find all contacts and booking buttons with very easy a couple steps booking platforms.

We are looking forward for seeing you at our beautiful and fully equiped studio or online.

 Also, please carefully read studio attendance policies if your lessons will be there. 

 We are thank you for understanding especially in such uncertain time.


Studio attendance policies.

  1. When you booked your lesson, please make sure you are not sick, in case of the flu, please stay at home and cancel/reschedule your lesson or change booking into online.
  2. When you come, our doors are open, so just push them and proceed to the 1st floor.
  3. In the studio, please use all sanitary items which you need, we have sanitisers, water, soap, towels, paper napkins and disposable cups. Ideally take a bottle of water to the lesson with you. If you do not have one and would like to have the exclusive one from us, you can always buy it at our store and by this you will support our school.
  4. When it's raining outside, we are suggesting you to take a change shoes, it's not a rule, but it's always nice to keep as much as it possible studio clean and viruses free.
  5. Try to keep the distance, specially if you are in the "risk zone" person.
  6. Most of the time we are very flexible with last minute lesson cancelation or rescheduling, but please do that the latest 2-3 hour prior.

We are kindly asking you to follow these simple house rules, to make everyone happy and keep on going with lessons no matter what and make you happy when you getting a new note or writing a new hit.


 With love and respect ladies of Singing Birds.